For real though, did King L sign to OVO?


First he’s seen in a pic with Drake.



Then he gets tattoos of both the OVO logo and the 6 God image.

King L


Then the release of a new track titled, “In Love Wit Canada” (

And not to mention the three music videos shot in Toronto that he has appeared in this past month, two being songs he is featured on with Toronto rappers—”Again” by Young Blitz and “All Times” by Big Lean (video below)—and a solo track titled “Made Drill”.

Why does Drill rapper King L fuck with Canada so heavy?

It’s funny seeing how King L took his fair share of jabs at Drake before he came up (, but on a more serious note, this could be a partnership that spawns some very unique, boundary-pushing music in the near future.

In an interview with Angie Martinez in 2013, Drake talked about keepin his ear to the street, citing rappers like Lil Bibby and Lil Herb who are also Drill rappers from Chicago (0:00 to 0:45).

Sure, it might have been surprising to hear Drake talk about “grimy street shit”, but there’s certainly enough evidence to suggest that Louie has either signed to OVO on the low or is planning to expand his sound up north at the very least. Not to mention Drake plans on dropping ‘Views From The 6’ this spring.

If Louie were to appear on any of Drake’s new shit this year, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s collaborated on a new sound with rap’s elite. King L was featured on the track ‘Send It Up’ on Kanye West’s last album, ‘Yeezus’. Though that partnership seems more reasonable given the Chicago connection between the two, it seems like King L would have no problem pushing his own boundaries and doing some new shit.


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